To the Applicant : Complete in Chinese, two copies of this form-personally and clearly  

Instructions :

* Applicants must be graduates of accredited universities or colleges or senior high school graduates.  

* Applicants must have a reasonable command of the Chinese language and a good record of conduct. Qualified candidates who are deficient in the Chinese language are required after their arrival to participate in a language training course at their own expense.  

* Applicants are required to submit between Feb 1 and June 30 each year, two copies of application form, one notarized copy of their diploma, English transcript of academic record, two letters of recommendation including one by a professor of Chinese language, record of medical examination (including Anti-HIV test), fee certification (to prove your financial support), English or Chinese study plan to HWC for consideration.

* Applicants and all required documents must be received on or before to receive consideration for the applying semester. If received after this date they will not be considered.