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Regulations for Applications of International Students of Hsing Wu University

January 11, 2nd Semester, 99 Academic Year, Board of recruitment, passed

March 17, 2010,TaiDocu1. the MOE.0990042544,,reported.

March 8, 2nd Semester, 99 Academic Year, Board of recruitment, passed

March 30, 2011,TaiDocu1. the MOE.1000051021,reported.

Article 1: “ Regulations for Applications of International Students of Hsing Wu University” are formulated on the basis of “Regulations for Studying of International Students “ article 5 of the Ministry of Education( henceforth referred as the MOE)

Article 2: An individual of foreign nationality. who has never held nationality status from the Republic of China and does not possess an overseas Chinese student status at the time of their application, is qualified to apply for admission under this regulation.

An individual of foreign nationality, pursuant to the following regulations and who has stayed overseas continuously for no less than 6 years, is also qualified to apply for admission under this regulation. However, an individual who plans to apply for study at a department of medicine, dentistry or Chinese medicine must have stayed overseas continuously for a period no less than 8 years.

1. An individual who has a nationality status from the Republic of China at the time of their birth but does not hold a household registration must state this on their college application.

2. An individual who has had nationality status from the Republic of China but has no R.O.C. nationality at the time of their application shall have an annulled status regarding their R.O.C. nationality for no less than 8 years after an annulment of their R.O.C. nationality by the Ministry of the Interior.

3. Regarding individuals mentioned in both of the above subparagraphs they must not have studied in Taiwan under the status of an overseas Chinese nor received placement permission for an academic school year by the University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students.

According to the Education Cooperation Framework Agreement, a foreign national who was selected by a foreign government, organization, or school, and does not hold a household registration from the time of their birth is not subject to the limitations as prescribed in the preceding 2 paragraphs after receiving the approval from the designated authorized government educational institutions.

The six and eight year calculation period as prescribed in Paragraph 2 shall be calculated from the starting date of the semester (Feb. 1st or Aug. 1st) as the designated due date for the time of study.

“Overseas” as prescribed in Paragraph 2 is limited to countries or regions other than Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau; the term “continuously” means that a individual may stay in Taiwan for no more than a total of 120 days per calendar year.

An individual, who has both foreign and R.O.C. nationalities and has applied for an annulment of their R.O.C. nationality before Feb. 1st, 2011, the effective date of this amendment, is then qualified to apply for admission under the original regulation as an international student and is not subject to the limitation as prescribed in Paragraph 2.

Article 3: Upon completion of the course of study, at a school in Taiwan, to which an international student has applied, the student's admission to higher academic levels shall be handled in a manner identical to the procedures of admission for local students, except that an application for master’s degree or higher level of graduate studies can be processed under the rules of each individual school.

Article 4: The quotas for admission allocated for international students at Hsing Wu University should be no more than ten percent of the number of positions allocated for Hsing Wu University for local students each year. The number should be calculated into the total number of positions at Hsing Wu University, yearly and reported to the designated authorized government educational institutions for ratification.

If the quotas for admission, which have been allocated for local students have not been filled, Hsing Wu University may give the quotas to international students according to the total number of designated yearly positions that are open for international students.

The quotas for admission, as prescribed in Paragraph 1, do not include international students with a non-degree status.

Article 5: International students, who are eligible to apply for admission , should submit their application with the documents listed below to the Office of Academic Affairs

by June 30. Documents of international students’ medical insurance coverage or health care plan offered by a foreign insurer for over four months and are validated by foreign embassies should be presented during registration. A freshman without medical insurance coverage must pay insurance fee during registration and Hsing Wu University will provide assistance of applying for medical insurance.

1. Application Form

2. The highest-level certificate or equivalent academic attainment and transcript issued by aninternational education institution (A copy of the translation in Chinese or English is necessary if the original diploma is in a language other than Chinese or English), which must be authenticated by a ROC embassy, consulate, representative office or other agencies authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Taiwan, ROC., (hereinafter referred to as “a Taiwan’s overseas representative office”) or presented by the applicant’s former school, which is to be directly mailed to the intended institutions in a sealed envelope.

3. Validated financial statements by financial institutions, also mailed directly to the intended institution in a sealed envelope, indicating that sufficient funds are available to support that applicant during his/her stay in Taiwan.

4. Two letters of recommendation.

5. A copy of the applicant’s study proposal written in either Chinese or English.

6. Health certificate(Including an HIV test).

The highest-level certificate or equivalent of academic attainment issued by an international education institution as stipulated-above in Subparagraph 2 of the preceding paragraph, must be in accordance with the MOE “Regulations Regarding the Assessment and Recognition of Foreign Academic Credentials for Institutions of Higher Education” except for those issued by Taiwan’s overseas educational institutions.

In the event there is any doubt regarding the documentation of any international documents as being unauthenticated by one of Taiwan’s overseas representative offices in Subparagraph 2 & 3 of Paragraph 1 during the evaluation process of applications from international students, schools may require that these international documents be authenticated by one of Taiwan’s overseas representative offices; Hsing Wu University may apply to a Taiwan overseas representative office for evaluation assistance regarding documents to be authenticated by one of Taiwan’s overseas representative offices.

Article 6: Hsing Wu University may offer programs for international students based on international academic cooperation projects or other special needs. These programs shall be carried out by the relevant MOE policies of total quantity development scale and resource conditions and shall be submitted to the MOE for ratification.

Article 7: A preliminary review of all applicants’ qualification status shall be conducted by the screening team organized by relevant departments and graduate institutes. Admission requirements are based on the minimum standard of passing all the courses at the schools they graduate from or a higher standard set by the departments and graduate institutes. Those applicants who pass the preliminary review shall go through a second review conducted by this Institute’s Board of Recruitment. After the roster of admitted international students who passed the second review is submitted to the President for ratification, a Letter of Admission shall be sent out by the school authority. Hsing Wu University shall prepare a roaster of admitted and registered international students ,and shall submit it to the MOE for recordation by 30 November each year. The roster shall include the students’ names, nationalities, class standings and the names of departments or graduate schools to which they belong. The roster should also specify students who receive Taiwan scholarships or grants from the MOE.

Article 8: International students may not apply for bachelor programs designed for returning education students, part-time, in-service courses of Master programs, or other programs, which are restricted to night classes and classes during holidays. International students who have received an Alien Residence Certificate, Permanent Residence Permit, or are enrolled in an international program, which is ratified by this Ministry, are exempted from this Article.

Article 9: If an international student arrives at the campus after more than one-third, he/she will only be allowed to enroll for the second semester.

Article 10: International students who are approved for an internship after graduation in Taiwan by designated authorities may afterwards extend their international student status for no more than one year after graduation.

During the course of study in Taiwan, international students, who are approved for initial household registration, resident registration, naturalization or restoration of their R.O.C. nationality, will lose their international student status and shall withdraw from school.

International students who withdraw from university/college after admission due to behavior issues, poor academic performance or a conviction under the Criminal Code may not thereafter apply again for admission under this regulation.

Article 11: When international students are suspended or discontinue their schooling, or by any other reason that causes them to lose student status at the school, Hsing Wu University must notify the Service Center, National Immigration Agency, the Ministry of the Interior, Bureau of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs, the police department of the local municipal government, and send copies of notification to the MOE.

Article 12 : Payable tuition fees for international students are governed in accordance with the

following regulations:

1. Enrollment of international students in accordance with Article 6 is identical to the local students.

2. Enrollment of international students in accordance with Item 3, Article 2 is governed by agreed contract.

3. Tuition rate for international students not included in the previous two Articles shall be decided by the School and submitted to education authority for ratification.

Article 13: Schools or designated authorities shall immediately handle the cases in accordance with the regulations if international students violate the Employment Services Act after investigation.

Article 14: The Office of Academic Affairs is in charge of processing the applications of International students. Once admitted, the Office of Student Affairs is responsible for assisting ,assessing and coordinating their studies. The office will hold irregular assisting activities for international students during school years. The office can apply for complementing these activities from the Ministry of Education.

Article 15: Those affairs that are not included in this regulation should follow the “Regulations for Studying of International Students” of the Ministry of Education” and related rules.

Article 16: These regulations should be passed by the Board of Recruitment and reported to the Ministry of Education. Amendments on the regulations shall undergo the same procedures.